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Solar Power Question: How many different forms of Building-integrated photovoltaics are there?

Answer: Building-Integrated Photovoltaic modules are available in several forms.

Flat roofs o The most widely installed to date is a thin film solar cell integrated to a flexible polymer roofing membrane.

Pitched roofs o Modules shaped like multiple roof tiles o Solar shingles are modules designed to look and act like regular shingles, while incorporating a flexible thin film cell. o It extends normal roof life by protecting insulation and membranes from ultraviolet rays and water degradation. It does this by eliminating condensation because the dew point is kept above the roofing membrane.

Facade o Facades can be installed on existing buildings, giving old buildings a whole new look. These modules are mounted on the facade of the building, over the existing structure, which can increase the appeal of the building and its resale value.

Glazing (Semi) transparent modules can be used to replace a number of architectural elements commonly made with glass or similar materials, such as windows and skylights.

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